Offered Services – Project Management

Offered Services - Project Management

The Project Manager plays the client representative role by performing the listed below tasks in the shown sequence in each of the project’s six phases.


First : Pre-Design Phase

• Share with the client in preparing the Feasibility Study, Preliminary Project Plan, The Project Preliminary Budget and the expected mode of operation.

• Prepare Consultant Selection Documents.

• Nominate and Share with the client the process of consultant(s) selection, recommend a successful consultant and draft the consultancy  contract.

• Prepare the project communication process.

Second : Design Phase

• Collect Client requirements into engineering forms and pass it to the project consultant

• Review Prelim Design Documents as produced by the Project Consultant.

• Review Final Design Documents as produced by the Project Consultant . 

• Update project budget in view of the produced design and secure client acceptance/approval

• Share with the project Consultant the production of Tender Documents

• Prepare the proposed bidders long list and the qualification process – in case this step is needed –

• Prepare the proposed bidders short list and the selection criteria

Third : Tender Phase

• Manage the tender communication . 

• Release contract documents for bidders

• Receive bids and share the project consultant in the analysis process contractor

• Issue tender final report with the recommended Contractor

• Support the client and the project consultant in obtaining the necessary construction permits from relevant authority.

Fourth : Contracting Phase

• Receive from the – selected by client – contractor and validate against contract terms the required guarantees

• Manage the contract signing requirements

Fifth : Construction Phase

• Manage the Construction Kick-off process.

• Approve and Monitor the project time plan and propose corrective action(s) if needed.

• Manage the cost control process including Contractor(s) Payment process and update project budget.

• Issue Periodical progress report.

• Assure the implementation – through the project consultant – of proper quality control system.

• Assure the compliance with the vocational health, safety & Environment protection as per contract terms.

• Create project submittal log and update it periodically

• Manage the project communication process.

• Study any raised claim and resolve all contractual debate.

• Manage the Human Resources deployment plan.

• Manage the project procurement plan

• Manage the project scope and alert for any deviation and its consequences – if needed –

• Provide Project Risk Management services for the whole of the project life cycle

• Manage the project close-out phase including the collection – from relevant parties – the close-out documents (As-Built Drawings, Operational Manuals, Spare Parts, suppliers list, warranty certificate…..etc)

• Assure the issuance of the Taking-Over Certificate in view of the contractual terms

• Support the client in obtaining the necessary operation permits from relevant authority.

Sixth : Defects Notification Period

• Manage the Process of Handing-Over the Project to the Facility Manager and assure the well deployment of his relevant resources.

• Manage the process of producing and approving the Project Final Account with all relevant documents

• Receive with the project consultant the client notifications for defected works and advice course of action

• Assure the issuance of the Performance Certificate in view of the contractual terms

• Release the project Post-Implementation Repor