Offered Services – Feasibility Studies

Offered Services – Feasibility Studies

Once the client sets the investment main target, the office can carries out the required feasibility studies including (but not limited to) the following steps:-

• Studying the current and future market size together with the current and expected in the future market appetite.

• Studying the expected competition.

• Proposing the appropriate period for investment

• Prepare the Preliminary Engineering layout for the project

• Estimate the required Capital Expenses (Capex), the expected revenue and propose the financing sources

• Prepare the implementation time schedule and set out the operational date

• Estimate the operational cost (OPEX) with all its different levels.

• Prepare the financial feasibility studies (NPV & IRR)

• Prepare the expected Cash In – Cash Out Diagrams.

• Prepare the planned financial statements for the investment period

• Prepare the auxiliary studies (Traffic, Environmental, Social, ….etc)

• Support the efforts to obtain construction and operation license.