Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The office and all its members strongly believe in their responsibility in serving
– and giving back to – the society. This is generated from their appreciation for
what  has been given to them by the society in all fields (Education, Health,
work opportunities,….etc), thus they share strongly in the listed-below
• Sharing in the arrangement of Blood Donation Campaigns.
• Sharing in the field works of the N.G.O’s specialized in health and education
• Managing Cultural symposiums targeting raising the general awareness in the
public opinion issues.
• Supporting the academical researches of students and researchers at all

• Managing the waste management efforts in all areas (E-waste, Solid Waste
and agricultural waste) and promote the concept of Reduce — Reuse —
• Share in the governmental initiatives to disseminate the green
architect principles as a tool of sustainable development in view of
sustainable development goals (SDG’s) and encourage the
production of sustainability reports for different business units